Executive Secretary’s Report

Stanley Abernathy


As we continue through 2020, it is a constantly changing environment for our Valley, our Fraternity and our World.

The Stated Meeting on October 14, 2020 will be at 12 Points Masonic Lodge located at2215 Garfield Ave., Terre Haute, IN.

The Stated Meeting site from November 11, 2020 through 2021 will be at the Plumbers and Steamfitters located at 8801 Milner Ave,  Terre Haute, IN.

We take a hard look at ensuring the safety of our membership and also following the direction of the State of Indiana as well as the Indiana COD.  This has meant cancelling many of our traditional annual activities.  As of now, we have two (2) remaining for the end of 2020.

The Appreciation Banquet scheduled for November 21, 2020 at Idle Creek (6:30 pm social hour and eat at 7:00 pm).  We will honor:

Ken Elliot and Leland York as the 2019 MSAs with their hats and jewels (these should have been awarded at the COD which was cancelled).  We will also honor Allen Bough and Richard Reed with their Jackets as the newly elected 2020 MSAs.

The 2020 Diamond Pin Recipients since the Diamond Pin Steak dinner was cancelled.

The outgoing 2020 officers, Jeffrey Castor, Past Thrice Potent Master, Colonel Bartley, Past Sovereign Prince and Jason Smith, Past Most Wise Master will be honored as the Installation banquet was cancelled.

The following Guidance from the Indiana Deputy will be observed:

In an effort to protect our members who attend meetings and/or degree presentations, for the foreseeable future, please use the guidelines below: Using social distancing standards, the Secretary should calculate how many people to be allowed inside. Once this number is reached, all others should be turned away.

Check temperatures of all who want to enter the building before the meeting and/or degree work. Anyone running a fever should not be allowed to enter.

Everyone should be required to wear masks at all times. If they refuse, they should not be allowed to enter. (Have new masks available. Free for candidates.  For purchase by others) Hand Sanitizer at the door and throughout the entire area being utilized The Secretary confirms the area (s) being used are wiped down prior to and after the meeting and/or degrees are completed.

The Secretary is to make sure all recommended guidelines are met.

These guidelines should be publicized well in advance of the event, so those planning to attend are prepared.

The Valley of Terre Haute will provide face masks at no charge to all who wants one for the Stated Meeting.