Hospitailer's Report

At our last Stated Meeting the following were reported as
needing and were humbly given our prayers for their health:

Douglas Lockhart, 33°
Joseph Archer, 33°
David Jenkins, 33°
David Everly, MSA
Cliff Peterson, 33°
Gordon Hayes, 33°
Bill Reece, 33°
Art Nowling
Arndt Secrest
Lee Clark
Chuck Reed, 33°
Les Boling, 33°
Dan Moon
Clarence Crow
David Sowers, MSA
David Peter
Bill West, Sr.
Roy Riggs, MSA
Robert Tryon, MSA
Sharon Scott, wife of Leslie
Sharon Lynch, wife of Forrest
Marvin & Linda Williams
Ron & Mickey Smith
Marsha Long, wife of Timothy
Richard & Laura Boyce
Jim & Jan Schnurpel

If you know of any others please let us know.

If you would like their contact information or have any updates
on them please call the Valley Office at 812-234-3761
Lewis E. Moke, 33°, Hospitaler
Valley of Terre Haute