Get More Out of Your Masonic Journey

The Scottish Rite is a fraternity of Freemasons that provides its members with opportunities for fellowship and personal growth while offering a wide range of activities for members and their families.  The Scottish Rite also sponsors a number of philanthropic endeavors.  Our members believe in personal honor, principle, moral and ethical behavior, and in setting a good example for our communities and families. We will  gladly answer any questions you have concerning membership.

There are a great number of opportunities for you to be involved in Scottish Rite. As it is at your Masonic Lodge, members have different desires, abilities, needs, and ambitions when it comes to being active. Not everyone wants to be front and center. There is no greater value to us than your time. Here are some opportunities in your Valley.

Degree work on stage
Extras on stage
Stage hands
Golf outings
Fish fries
Bean dinners
Membership development
Officer Lines
Our most important need is you!
Our stated meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm. Just like Masonic lodge this is where the business of the Valley is discussed and relationships are built with brotherhood and fellowship.

If you are no longer a member in good standing and wish to be re-affiliated with us once again, contact the office or any other member. Remember you have to be in good standing with your masonic lodge for reinstatement with the Rite.

Looking to Join?

Contact us at : 812-234-3761 or Email us


Scottish Rite is an affiliated body of Freemasonry. If you are not a Freemason you must start here. You can also call or Email us for information on how to join a Masonic Lodge.