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If you are a Master Mason why aren't you a Scottish Rite Mason?


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The Valley of Terre Haute A.A.S.R. is always looking for new members, new friends, and new Brothers to share our experiences with. Through it's Core Values, Scottish Rite Masonry continues the lessons taught to us in our first three Degrees of Freemasonry. Our degrees are Theatrical and teach moral lessons. They are sure to leave a lasting impression on you as the candidate.  If you enjoy ritual work, there is plenty of opportunities to get be on stage. Scottish Rite teaches leadership skills and gives you the ability to use those skills in the Rite.

Even more important is the fun a Brotherhood you will experience as a member of the Valley of Terre Haute. Besides our degree work and stated meetings the Rite offers; Family Picnics, Golf outings, Fish Fries, Bean dinners, Christmas programs, and off site dinner meetings. A lot of events are open to your spouse as well. There is something for any Master Mason looking for more from their Masonic journey.