Executive Secretary

Executive Secretary's Report - February 9, 2022

Stanley Abernathy


This is a report following the February Stated Meeting of the Valley of Terre Haute.  Some of the highlights from last evening are:

  • The Valley is in the process of recruiting officers for our officer lines. We appreciate those who have served and want to begin a process approved by the E-Board of the use of an Officer Application.  This form can be emailed to anyone interested and will be pasted at the end of this month’s report (unfortunately some of the formatting is lost).  The PDF form can be sent electronically.
  • There is a Rite on the Road scheduled at the Linton Lodge #560 on February 19, 2022, to begin at 10:00 am with the presentation of the 4th Degree and the 6th Degree.  If you would like to see what the rest of the NMJ is doing, go to www.ScottishRiteNMJ.org/degree-dates for up-to-date information.   
  • The Web Site is updated after the Stated Meeting each month with any changes to the Events calendar, Necrology and sick list as well as the message from the Secretary. The web site is a work in progress.  Scottish Rite Valley of Terre Haute – Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (aasrth.org).
  • The Abbott Scholarship application is ready to be received by the Office. There is a link on the Valley Web Site.
  • The Valley received two (2) petitions this month - Richard Brinson, jr of Linton Lodge # 560 and Bro. Nathaniel Austin of Brownsburg #241.
  • The Valley also wants to recognize Ill Bro. Richard Brinson 33o for accepting an invitation to join the Consistory Line as the Second Lt. Commander. Please congratulate Rick on his return to the Officer Line.
  • The Valley is active preparation for the Feast of the Pascal Lamb on April 10, 2022 starting at 3:00 pm and the Spring Reunion scheduled for April 30, 2022. Please plan on attending and details will be shared in the coming months.

Thank you,

Stan Abernathy


Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

Stanley Abernathy                                        Terre Haute Lodge of Perfection

Executive Secretary                                     Samuel D. Jackson Council, P of J

8930 E US HWY 40                                      Horace E. Tune Chapter of Rose Croix

Terre Haute, In. 47807                                 Terre Haute Consistory

Office:   812-234-3761

Cell:       765-366-2252   


Valley of Terre Haute

Northern Masonic Jurisdiction

Valley of Terre Haute Office Application

2022/2023 Term


Date:       ________________________


I, ___________________________________, submit my application and respectfully request to become an office in the Valley of Terre Haute.

Please indicate:                       Progressive Line


Address: _____________________________________________________________________________


Email:  ___________________________________________ Mobile Phone: _______________________

Home Phone: _____________________________________

Date of Birth:  ___________________  If married, Spouse Name: _______________________________

Year joined Freemasonry:  ___________                Name and number of Blue Lodge: _______________________

Offices held in Blue Lodge:  ______________________________________________________________

Offices held in Grand Lodge: _____________________________________________________________

Offices held in Shrine:  __________________________________________________________________

Offices held in York Rite: ________________________________________________________________

Year Joined Scottish Rite? ___________    Offices held in Scottish Rite: ___________________________

Scottish Rite Honors and Awards: _________________________________________________________

I am a member of other Appendant Bodies/Community Organizations not listed above:  _____________



I certify I have read this procure both pages of this documents.  I have read the Officer Expectations for the Valley of Terre Haute as outlined and understand all that is required of me to better serve the Valley of Terre Haute.



Signature:  _____________________________________________________________________________________________


These are the minimum expectations of Progressive Officers of the Valley of Terre Haute:

O    Attend the Annual Meeting

O    Attend the Installation of Officers

O    Attend the Officer Training Sessions

O     Attend all stated and emergency meetings of the Valley of Terre Haute

O     Attend and support all Valley Reunions

O     Attend all Degree Rehearsals as appropriate to your assigned Part or Office

O     Attend all Valley of Terre Haute Functions

O     Attend the Annual State of Indiana COD

O     Participate on committees as assigned by the Executive Board

Please discuss any strengths or weaknesses as an officer and make any comments to support why you should be considered for an officer spot in the Valley of Terre Haute:




Manual for Officers – revised 2020

(Page 26 Duties of Officers – General)


To be elected or appointed to any office in a Scottish Rite Body is a distinct honor, which carries with it responsibility.  Those who accept these honors must be prepared and willing to undertake the duties and responsibilities of their offices with the realization that some person sacrifice will be necessary.


It is not intended that holding office in a Scottish Rite Body should interfere with an officer’s vocation and his efforts to earn a livelihood.  However, when any other cause, unless it be illness or death in the family, prevents his expected and required attendance at the meetings, rehearsals, and reunions, he errs in expecting that his absence will be overlooked.  If absence results from the pressure of one’s usual vocation, or from illness, the members are usually very considerate in forgiving the absence.  However, if it is the result of lack of interest or conflict with what might be termed personal pleasure, continued approval cannot be expected.  Under such circumstances, he should make way for another member who is more interested and willing to serve more faithfully.






Stanley Abernathy

Executive Secretary, Valley of Terre Haute