Executive Secretary

Stanley Abernathy


The Web page is a work in progress, so if there are suggestions, please let us know. There is a tab for the Valley Necrology (includes the sick list for the current month and deceased Brothers for each month in 2023 and all of 2022) as well as a list of our events on a 12-month rotating schedule.

The Valley Election of officers was held on May 10, 2023 and the following officers installed on May 13, 2023:

Terre Haute

Lodge of Perfection

TPM - Kristopher Comar

Deputy Master - William Payton

Senior Warden - Michael Frank

Junior Warden - Joseph Sparks

Orator - Ryan Lewis

Master of Ceremonies - Tanner Shipman

Captain of the Guard - Open

Chaplin - Ill Glenn Miller°

Samuel Dillion Jackson Council

Princes of Jerusalem

Sovereign Prince - John Isaacs

High Priest - Ill Richard Boyce 33°

Senior Warden - Randy Porter

Junior Warden - Open

Assistant Chaplin - Ill Rick Brinson 33°

Horace E. Tune

Chapter of Rose Croix

Most Wise Master - Haven Wonders

Senior Warden - Jay Nicoson

Junior Warden - Scott Harrison

Orator - Max Short

Master of Ceremonies - Fred Ristes

Captain of the Guard - Brian Patrick Wilson

Assistant Champlin - Ill Joe Hineman 33°

Terre Haute


Commander in Chief - Joseph Osborn

First Lt. Commander - Ill Richard Brinson 33°

Second Lt. Commander - Edward S. Adams

Orator - Allen Bough, MSA

Assistant Champlin - Ill Douglas Ligget 33°

Officers of All Bodies

Executive Secretary                    Ill Stanley Abernathly 33°

Treasurer                                    Ill Doug Ligget 33°

Trustee (2021 - 2024)                 Ill Mick Love 33°

Trustee (2021 - 2025)                 Richard Allen

Trustee (2023 - 2026)


There is an Officer Application process that enhances the established Officer Selection Committee that consists of the most recent Past Presiding Officers, Deputy’s Rep and Secretary. The applications for Officer are on this site under a tab as well as the Application for membership or reaffiliation.

The Annual Bean Dinner held on May 19, 2023 was well attended and the event went as planned.

If we can do anything for you or have questions, please free to contact the office at (812) 234-3761.

Stan Abernathy

May 21, 2023