Rose Croix Degrees

The Degrees of the Chapter of Knights of Rose Croix are knows as the Philosophical Degrees as they do not use historical or biblical scenes to convey their lessons. These two degrees are designed to encourage a Scottish Rite Mason to examine his own life and find and apply the major truths outlined in the Bible.

17°  Knight of the East and West

The lessons of this degree are that man will fail in efforts that are based on power, greed and envy; and that divine guidance is needed to keep us from repeating the errors of history.

18°  Knight of the Rose Croix of  H. R. D. M.

The lessons taught in this degree are that man must have a new Temple in his heart where God is worshiped in spirit and in Truth, and that he must have a new law of love which all men everywhere may understand and practice.  This degree affirms the broad principles of universality and toleration.